Amy Swainston

Saturday, June 13th 2.30 pm

Holy Trinity Church Hall, Claygate KT10 0JP

Elmbridge Museum is currently staging a display at the Civic Centre, High Street, Esher KT10 9SD entitled: ‘The Blitz in our Borough’ [until June] which covers the era from when the air raids began to the final all-clear at the end of WW2.

Amy is the Museum’s Exhibitions and Interpretations Officer and she will be speaking, at the Civic Centre, on Wednesday 1st April (12:30-1pm) and Thursday 7th May (1:30-2pm – VE Day Special) about Elmbridge’s unique and varied experience of the Blitz; the local people who saved lives, helped the war effort and endured terrifying bombing raids; and the process behind researching and installing the exhibition. She will expand and develop these themes for EDLHS when she visits us, offering information on the local area during WW2 and details of the Museum’s Memories of War Oral History Project and the testimonials she recorded when meeting local residents who had first hand experience of the Blitz