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Thames Ditton and Long Ditton Local Photos


Claygate Cobham Oxshott
Hinchley Wood Thames & Long Ditton Molesey



Thames Ditton Weston Green boy with model sailing ship

This postcard illustrates the article by Dr Denys Poole in Newsletter Extracts which originally appeared in September 1974.

It is written from Esher in December 1917 to Nurse Ella in Dover, Kent and shows a young boy with a model sailing ship on the pond at Weston Green "...This is about 12 minutes walk from here. I have just been to try and get some good cards, coloured, but only a small place..."


Thames Ditton The River Johns advertising card 72 dpi

Thames Ditton The River Johns advertising card


The photograher Johns was to spend much of his time in the south of London but would come to Surrey and photograph scenes in the Esher Disrict and make them into picture postcards.

This photograph is an unusual one in that the card was used as an advertisement for Hammerton & Sons, Ltd., who were Boat, Punt & Dinghy Builders, at The Ferry, Long Ditton.

The age of the card is obvious as it explains how to arrive at the Boathouse and mentions taking the Tram from Surbiton Station to the Ditton Tram Terminus, which is one minute walk to the river.

St Mary's Church 1906


Posted from a Ditton Post Office on 29/09/1906 to a Mrs Chadwick in Cambridge.

Written from The Grange "If perfectly convenient to you I find I can get away on Monday the 15th, until Wed. the 17th, as our Rector has been obliged to put off his departure for another month. My best love F. Emily Sales"

St. Mary's Road 07021907


Posted in Surbiton on 07/02/1907 to Miss Shepherd in Exeter.

"Dear F. Very many thanks for the P.C. I like it very much. You did not answer my question about this one, but I do not think I have sent it before. I am going up to Lills for the afternoon today. Hope you are all well. Much love from Ethel"

Thames Ditton The River 24041924


A postcard written from the houseboat called Laleham at Thames Ditton on 24th April 1924 and posted in East Molesey to Mr and Mrs Miles in Northants.

"We are having a delightful time......Julie has not yet received her passport but we are expecting it by every post. Love to you both Wyn"

Thames Ditton The River 30081904

Posted in Surbiton on 30/08/1904 to Mrs Leaver at the Post Office, Hamble, Southampton in rhyme

"Netley, Fratton, Bognor, Here

Two days more my heart to cheer

Repairs not finished we're still off

Commence on Wednesday - had enough



Thames Ditton Bungalows 20/04/1916


Posted in Thames Ditton 20/04/1916 to a Miss C. Campbell in Scotland.

Written from 5 Holly Cottages, Manor Road, Thames Ditton. "Dear C. How does this spot suit you? Quite near home here. Hope you are having a good Easter. Yours sincerely Len."

Thames Ditton Backwater 20/05/17


Posted in Thames Ditton on 20th May 1917 to Miss L. Powell 62 Whitby Road Luton.

"Dear Lilly I thought you would like a view of the Thames. It is A1 here. Shall be sorry when Tuesday comes with love Rose."

Thames Ditton Summer Road 31/11/1911


Posted from Thames Ditton on 31/05/1911 to Verviers Belgium and written in French.

Describes having a superb time and is signed by several people including Pierre.

Thames Ditton Ferry 1914


Written to Miss Anderson Cliftonville Margate from Murcott Weston Green Thames Ditton on 6th August 1914 and posted at Thames Ditton.

"I am having a good time here but doubt shall even be able to get to Margate now. Write me a letter telling me how the dear old place is suiting you Love from Jean"

St. Nicholas' Church 1915


Written to Miss Goslin in Billericay Essex on 30th September 1913 from Ditton Lodge Thames Ditton "Dear May thanks for letter if alls well shall be home on Monday if fine. Hope you are both well from yours sincerely S."

Albany Reach Thames Ditton 1913

Written to Miss Fillness at Brighton on 21st July 1913 from Grange Cottage Weston Green Thames Ditton and posted in Thames Ditton "Dear Ada ..... was lovely in London after all on Friday. Had a good time, went to see 'Hello Ragtime'.....Sat morning...... .went to Hampton was Molesey Regatta.....plenty of boats on the river......Esther