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Upcoming Meetings

All meetings are held at Holy Trinity Church Hall, Claygate KT10 0JP, and start at 2.30pm


Saturday, 2 March

Who Do You Think They Were? Discovering the Lives and Experiences of our Ancestors

Julian Pooley, Surrey History Centre

Julian will discuss the amazing variety of sources that can be used to build up a picture of how our ancestors lived. Early illustrations, poor law papers, quarter sessions rolls, records of institutions, personal letters and diaries can all tell us a great deal about what it was like to live in Surrey in the past: they show vividly the impact upon family life of illness and poverty, and bear witness to the experiences of petty criminals, the insane and the vulnerable.  These precious details help to bring family and local history to life.


Saturday, 13 April

The Victorian Head Gardeners

Dr Judy Hill

Dr Hill will present the case for this important group of workers: the forgotten heroes of horticulture in the golden age of the British country house.


Saturday, 11 May

Digging up Surrey’s Past

Mark Davison

The local historian and author will discuss the increasingly popular activity of metal detecting in Surrey, illustrating his remarks with some of his own finds.


Saturday, 22 June

Love and Affection: History of Emotion through the Museum Collection

Amy Swainston, Elmbridge Museum

Did people in the past experience emotion in the same way that we do? How did they articulate their love, grief, gratitude or anger? Historical emotions are notoriously hard to pin down, but Amy will attempt to do so by exploring the local stories behind a number of key items in Elmbridge Museum’s collection.