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The two images above are of Park Road, Esher, taken around 1860-1870.    Christ Church is in the background of both.  When the photo on the right was posted on our Facebook group, there was some discussion and query as to where the photo was actually taken from, with a few members commenting that the angles “seemed wrong”.     The old cottages appear to be the same on both photos.  The Albert Arms public house was built where the cottages stand.

On the north bank of Oxshott’s Black Pond stood a horse operated pump in a circular brick and tiled building with a louvred finial, which was destroyed during the First World War, it supplied water from the springs hereabouts, which was first collected into reservoirs which were pumped through pipes to the mansion of Claremont.   Popular with swimmers; until relatively recently, there stood 2 tin changing huts, one for boys and one for girls, as well as a diving board.   In 1945, two planes collided over the pond, with one crashing onto the adjoining heath, killing all three on board.